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Jogging is a great exercise and a very popular way to get fit and stay fit.  There are many benefits that come from jogging and it can be enjoyed by both the young and old.  When we keep our bodies in shape it can help us to prevent many common injuries and most people find it to be a great way to relieve stress.  It is a great exercise that will give you better control over your health and your body.  Some of its benefits include:

  •  Fat loss
  •  Improved cardiovascular health
  •  Improve blood circulation
  •  Stronger muscles
  •  Improved balance

Depending on where your level of fitness is, it is always best to consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise regimen.  Many of the benefits of jogging can also be achieved through walking, however jogging is a more intense form of exercise and thus will give you results quicker.  You can also get the same results from running, however if you are not in good physical condition running may not be an option at this time.  The great thing about jogging is that it is intense enough to achieve desired results but not too difficult that it cannot be done by just about anyone.

Jogging is a moderate-intensity exercise when that can be done for either short or long durations.  It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise they can effectively help you burn fat when done for a period of 20 minutes or more.  There are many other cardio activities that you can do that can give you the same benefits as jogging, however, these may be too stressful on the joints of many individuals.

One of the great things about jogging is that it is an outdoor activity that will give you access to fresh air, sunshine and a freedom that comes from exercising in an outdoor environment.  Alternatively, if the weather is bad you may invest in a treadmill which you can place in your home and watch your favorite television show while doing an effective jogging workout.  When done at a moderate pace jogging can be done even by those who may have other physical ailments that prevent them from doing more intense physical activity.  The important thing to remember is that if you're jogging for the first time you have to go at a slow pace until your body gets used to this new activity.

Over time you may increase your speed or try running uphill for a more intense aerobic workout.  Additionally, the only investment that you really need to begin jogging is the price of a quality running shoe.  It is important that you select a running shoe that is comfortable enough to run in on a regular basis.  You don't need to pay for any gym memberships are anything else as your running can be done on city streets, running trails, parks and just about any other place where running is permissible.  Don't worry if initially you’re not able to jog very far, by being self-disciplined and determined you will increase both your speed and distance and soon begin to reap the benefits that come from jogging to stay fit.

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